"> Common Causes of Ankle Sprains

Common Causes of Ankle Sprains

Chiropractors in Chicago treat a lot of patients with ankle sprains and strains.  While this could occur for several reasons, a few are more common than others.  If you want to avoid a trip to the chiropractor’s office, there are a few things that you should know including common causes of ankle sprains & strains, and what you can do for prevention and treatment as a chiropractic patient.

High Heeled Shoes

High heel shoes may be attractive, but they can cause serious damage to your feet.  Depending on how high the heel is, you could actually sprain or strain your ankle trying to walk in them.  The risk for this is even greater when you’re walking on uneven ground.  If you absolutely refuse to wear a lower heel, then Chiropractors in Chicago would suggest that you take a pair of flat shoes to wear when you’re walking outside.  You may not be able to see uneven concrete, and an injury could occur very quickly.

Running and Jogging

It’s easy to sprain your ankle while running or jogging.  To avoid this, try to stay on a path that’s designed specifically for this purpose.  Running on uneven terrain can put you at risk for injury during your exercise.  If you don’t have any leveled ground to run on, try using a treadmill instead.  It’s not the same as engaging in activities outside, but it could decrease your chances of injuring your ankles.  Also, we can show you exercises to strengthen your ankles and improve your proprioception which can prevent strains & sprains from occurring.

Slip and Fall

You could experience an ankle sprain as a result of a slip and fall.  Chiropractors in Chicago see this all the time, especially in the winter when the roads and sidewalks are icy.  Some ways to avoid this will be to make sure that your snow is shoveled, and to avoid areas of heavy ice.  Also, wear the proper footwear during the wintertime.  They should have grips that will keep you from sliding on the ice.

There are several things that can cause you to sprain your ankle. Injuries from high heel shoes can be prevented by either wearing a lower heel, or switching out your lunchtime shoes when you’re going for walks. Always be mindful of the type of landscape that you’re running on when it’s time to exercise, and stay away from heavily iced areas in the winter.  Practice ankle strengthening and proprioception exercises like balancing on one leg on a regular basis. These tips should greatly decrease your chances of obtaining an ankle injury.