5 Top Reasons to Use Juvederm In Norman, OK

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Healthcare

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Juvederm is a revolutionary treatment designed to minimize the look of wrinkles in aging skin. The treatment fills in unwanted lines and creases on the surface of the skin, which results in a smoother and more youthful-looking complexion. Along with its anti-aging benefits, here are five of the top reasons to use Juvederm in Norman, OK.

1. Long Lasting – Although the treatment is temporary, the effect of a typical Juvederm application lasts for up to one year after administration. The treatments longevity largely depends on the individual receiving treatment as well as the treatment site.

2. Safe – Juvederm, which comes from a naturally occurring compound in the body known as hyaluronic acid, is safe to use on various skin types. It is the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler available for use on people of color. The treatment generally does not require allergy skin tests beforehand and rarely results in an adverse reaction.

3. Minimal Downtime – Treatment with Juvederm is not a surgical procedure and fast and easy to administer and receive. Non-surgical physicians perform the treatment, which typically takes less than half an hour, in clinical settings. As a result, recovery time is minimal with many patients going about their regular daily activities immediately afterwards.

4. Effective – Unlike wrinkle treatment options that take a long time to produce significant results, Juvederm is immediately effective. A single treatment with the injectable gel produces instantly visible and obvious results, which can take several years off your appearance in a very short space of time.

5. Customizable – The Juvederm treatment comes in two formulation strengths that meet a wide range of individual needs. One formulation lightly contours the face and plumps up minimal wrinkles, while the other addresses deeper lines and folds in the skin. Administrators often use a combination of both formulations on an individual to achieve the desired treatment results.

These are five of the top reasons to use Juvederm In Norman, OK. Quickly erase wrinkles, folds and other common signs of aging with this gently effective gel filler. Experience the difference Juvederm makes in your appearance by first consulting with a qualified physician or esthetician who will administer the treatment.

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