Three Effective Types of Wrinkle Treatment in Minneapolis, MN

by | Nov 27, 2013 | Health

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One of the most frustrating things about aging is getting wrinkles. As you age your body gradually begins to stop the production of collagen and elastin, which are necessary to keep the skin plump and firm. There are hundreds of over-the-counter products to choose from, however, most of these products take months to work and even then they may only provide temporary results. There are a number of options for Wrinkle Treatment in Minneapolis, MN that can be done in a dermatologists office that will provide immediate and long-lasting results.

Chemical peels are an effective Wrinkle Treatment in Minneapolis, MN that can be completed in about thirty minutes. It is important to only have a chemical peel done by a professional dermatologists or medical aesthetics technician. A chemical peel involves the technician applying a chemical substance to your face to remove the dead skin and allow fresh, new skin to be revealed. There are a variety of chemical peel strengths available, so it is important to have an examination by a professional to determine the best type of chemical peel for your needs.

Botox injections are also an effective Wrinkle Treatment in Minneapolis, MN, especially for deep wrinkles on the forehead. Botox injections are used to prevent the muscles in the area being treated, from contracting. When the muscles contract it causes them to weaken and eventually lead to deep lines. Botox treatments begin to show results within a few days following the injections and you will need to have the injections about every three to six months.

Wrinkle fillers are also injections that are used to plump up the area being treated. There are several different wrinkle filler options to choose from, some of which have longer lasting results than others. When choosing a wrinkle filler, it is best to talk with your dermatologist to determine which type is best suited for your particular problem with wrinkles as well as your budget. Wrinkle fillers vary in the length of time they are effective as well as which area of the face they are best suited to treat. In many situations, if you have a wrinkle filler treatment, it is also beneficial to have a botox treatment to extend the length of tine for the wrinkle filler.

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