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Long Term Addiction Treatment

Most people face challenges once their loved ones have completed the 90-day period required for one to recover from substance abuse in addiction rehabilitation

What Does a Dual Diagnosis Program Entail?

Before any form of treatment can commence, there has to be a correct diagnosis. This is where the dual diagnosis program comes in when

Ways to Increase Growth Hormone Naturally

Growth hormone is an important factor in helping to build muscle and burn fat, and can have many other benefits, as well, in both

Steps Undertaken in Adolescent Drug Treatment

The rate at which teenagers have been abusing drugs is alarming. Once an adolescent drug case arises, proper treatment should be sought. Before a

Guidelines for Employee Drug Screening

Drug testing is a matter of policy for many companies, but if not handled correctly it can create problems—including legal action being taken against

The Steps Involved in a Drug Treatment Program

Addiction can be devastating to the lives of addicts—as well as those who are closest to them. A severe addiction can transform one’s personality