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Care and Maintenance for Hearing Aids in Wheaton

For individuals struggling to understand the conversations going on around them, Hearing Aids in Wheaton are a worthwhile investment. Many people don’t realize how bad their hearing loss is until they start wearing hearing aids. To protect the Hearing Aids Wheaton and extend their life, proper care and maintenance should be taken into consideration.

General Cleaning

Cleaning hearing aids is something every user will need to do. The most important part of cleaning the equipment is avoiding water and any type of cleaners. Both can damage the aids permanently. The best way to remove anything from the outside of the equipment involves using a soft cloth to wipe over the entire surface. Only light pressure should be applied. The hearing aids need to be removed every night, making it the perfect opportunity to go through a regular cleaning routine.

Dealing With Earwax

When Hearing Aids Wheaton are worn every day, earwax can build up and cause problems with a person’s ability to hear. Most of the time the aids come with a brush-like cleaning tool that can be used to remove the wax. It can access some of the hard to reach crevices and remove the build-up. The tool should be used carefully in order to avoid damaging the equipment. If there is build-up that cannot be removed with a tool, it is important to take the aids back to the hearing center to have a professional take a look.

Replacing the Battery

Some users feel completely confident taking out their Hearing Aids Wheaton batteries and replacing them. When it is necessary, the device should be turned off and the battery compartment opened. This tends to be a fairly fragile part of the equipment and if a person doesn’t know what he or she is doing, it is possible to cause severe damage to the device. Once again, the aids can be taken into the local hearing center to have the batteries replaced.

Even with the right care and maintenance, hearing aids can run into difficulty. In these situations, the equipment should be taken to a hearing center right away to be looked at by a professional. He or she will be able to diagnose the problems and make the proper recommendations, whether it is repair or replacement. For more details, meet the friendly and competent staff of Hearing Specialists of DuPage.

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