2 Types of Senior Living Arrangements You May Want to Consider

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Assisted Living

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Retirement came a little early and you are now thinking about your situation. Recently, you have been noticing that you have been experiencing progressive memory loss, and it seems like it is getting worst. The other day, you accidentally damaged the garage door as you suddenly forgot which pedal was the brake pedal. For this reason, you have decided to look into the various types of living options rather than continuing to live in your adult child’s home. Here are 2 types of living arrangements you may want to consider.

Assisted Living Community

This type of living arrangement is for older adults who can somewhat live independently. This means you will not always require assistance but may want assisted services only when needed. Typical services offered at an assisted living community may include meals, medication management, 24-hour staff services, and transportation.

Skilled Nursing Facility or Nursing Home

Another living arrangement you may want to consider moving to is a skilled nursing facility or a nursing home. This type of living arrangement is suitable for older adults who will need 24-hour supervised care. Memory care facilities are an example of a skilled nursing home facility. Medical professionals are always on the premises to provide care to the residents in this type of living arrangement.

Specializing in Memory Care

Perhaps you are convinced that living at a nursing home that caters to memory loss would be beneficial to your wellbeing. You are now perhaps searching for an over 55 community in Decatur, GA. Look no further than to The Madeline of Decatur. They are an over 55 community in Decatur, GA, that specializes in memory care. So, when searching for the best nursing home in Georgia, they are the ones you should call. Call or visit the website today.

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