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Art Therapy Gives Quality Treatment for Various Health Conditions

ART therapy in New York or Active Release Therapy has proven to be very effective in the treatment of various disorders and illnesses. It is normally used to treat scar tissue and complications that are a result of overused muscles. If you suffer from an injury, then the body automatically starts to build scar tissue around that injury to try and heal. This scar tissue can limit the mobility of surrounding tissue and muscle, leaving you with reduced strength, mobility, and persistent pain. ART therapy can also help to relieve compressed nerves. As scar tissue builds, nerves can become trapped under the weight of the tissue, resulting in a reduced blood supply, pain, and further mobility reduction.

What Can Be Treated With ART?

There are several conditions that can be treated with ART therapy. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even shin splints are just a few examples. The goal of ART therapy is to restore smooth movement between the tissues, to give people the relief that they need and deserve.

How ART Works

Your practitioner will use hand pressure to try and break up the scar tissue in the back. They will use stretching motions to try and increase the lymphatic flow in the back as well. The first three levels of ART therapy will involve the practitioner doing most of the muscle work. However, after these initial stages have been completed, the patient will be required to move the muscles themselves. The practitioner will still perform treatment, but it is much more effective if both the patient and practitioner work together. ART therapy is not practical if you have experienced blunt trauma or active inflammation, as there are many more effective treatment options in this instance.

Booking Your Therapy Sessions

When booking your appointment with a quality practitioner, you should make sure that they are qualified to perform ART techniques. Many physical therapists and chiropractors are qualified in this area, and their expertise will help you to overcome your injury or condition. ART can be very effective in reducing pain, and it is a great treatment option when compared to surgery or continuous pain management.

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