What is a Master Stylist at Beauty Salons in Omaha?

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Hair Care

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Hair stylists come in many levels of skills. Some have just gotten out of the local beauty school while others have worked under world renowned stylists. Best Beauty Salons in Omaha might claim that they have Master Stylists on the payroll and charge you a higher price for the skills. Are you paying too much? Stylist with these skill levels might call themselves Master Stylists, so know what to look for before paying for your haircut.

Six or More Years of Practice

Many people believe that an expert is someone who has practiced a craft for more than 1000 hours. Just because they have practiced for that long, doesn’t mean that they improved. Hair styling techniques change at a rapid pace. Every year it seems there is new a fashionable haircut. If a Master Stylists take the title because of years of practice that never changes, then that stylist is not a master. Those years must have been spent continuously learning and growing.

The Personality Master

Many salons promote stylists to Master Stylist based on how much money he or she brings into the salon. This rarely has anything to do with skill. If the stylist has a great personality and can persuade clients to refer him or her to friends, then the money rolls in and the Master title is fake. Promotions should be based on skill. If a stylist consistently does expert job on a client’s hair then the manager of the salon should refer customer to that stylist. Eventually, it adds up to a Master title.

The Name Dropper

The name dropper is a stylist that has the Master title because they apprenticed under or learned through famous names, such as Vidal Sassoon. The problem is that very few stylists are able to work with such big names or even afford the highest level school. That doesn’t mean they don’t have skills. Some salons attend seminars at big companies, such as Redken, to learn more and grow. The name droppers always charge a high price.

The perfect medium are stylists that have a bit of all three. These Master Stylists will charge more for a haircut, but you’ll know that they have the skills to make the cost worth it. Find Beauty Salons in Omaha with this type of Master Stylist.


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