A Brief Guide To Male Infertility In San Antonio, TX

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Health

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In Texas, men could face difficulties with fertility. These conditions could lead to further complexities that require treatment. Men who undergo treatments for male infertility in San Antonio TX increase their odds of becoming a father more effectively.

What are the Signs of Male Infertility?

Erectile dysfunction is a primary sign of male infertility. This condition attributes to reduced production of fluids. It also reduces the libido and may produce lower than average testosterone levels.

Additional symptoms are testicular lumps, abnormal breast growth, and frequent respiratory infections. These conditions could affect the volume of sex hormones produced. This contributes to infertility-based issues.

What has Causes Male Infertility?

Varicocele is a primary cause of infertility. These conditions prevent the man from draining the testicles naturally. This also produces irregular temperatures that affect production.

Infections and sexually transmitted diseases cause infertility. Infections could lead to inflammation and scarring of the passage ways. This could reduce the man’s ability to distribute fluids to cause reproduction. The excessive use of antibiotics could cause antibodies to fight against fluid expression. This could reduce the volume of production as well.

Medications and food could cause issues with Fertility in Texas. Conditions such as gluten allergies and digestive disorders require medications to control them. This could reduce the production of fluids and could prevent adequate hormone levels.

What are the Best Treatments for Male Infertility?

Surgery to correct varicocele is needed to prevent obstructions from causing infertility. Men who have undergone vasectomies could reverse this condition with corrective surgery. Surgical procedures could also address issues with the prostate that could reduce their chances of reproduction.

Men who have erectile dysfunction and low-T could use medications to address these issues. This could include male enhancement medications or surgical implants. Testosterone injections could also treat the lower than average testosterone levels.

In Texas, men have a variety of options to treat their infertility issues. At the first sign of conditions that affect fluid production, men should undergo an examination. This allows the doctor to determine the exact cause and identify what measures are necessary. Men who need to address Male Infertility in San Antonio TX should contact their preferred doctor now.

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