Obtaining The Proper Hearing Loss Treatment in Norwich CT

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Healthcare

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When someone has difficulty hearing people speak, they will want to find the proper Hearing Loss Treatment in Norwich CT to help. There are a few steps someone with hearing loss can take to hear properly.

First, they should visit their regular physician to rule out any medical problem that could contribute to hearing loss. Some illnesses can make hearing a bit muffled. If the doctor rules out any medical problem, they will most likely refer the person to an audiologist for a complete work up.

An audiologist will do an evaluation of the person’s hearing by having them take a series of hearing tests. These are usually done with a pair of headphones on. The person would need to raise their hand or press a button on a clicking device each time a sound is heard. The audiologist will mix the tones from high-pitched to low range sounds. Each ear would be tested individually and together to find out exactly how much hearing the person has still retained.

These tests will determine whether the person would benefit from the use of hearing aids. If so, they can go to a hearing aid store to try different models. There are several choices from larger apparatuses that are placed over the ear to tiny pieces that are inserted into the ear canal. The type selected should feel comfortable, give the proper sound while having volume adjustments the person can control with ease.

It is best to bring along a friend when selecting hearing aids to make sure they work well. The friend can stand across the room and speak quietly to see if the person can hear them accurately with the models they test.

It is a good idea to avoid areas with known loud sounds to help protect the hearing still remaining. Earmuffs or earplugs could be useful in helping save hearing. Volume-levels on radios and televisions should be marked within a safe range, so they are not turned up too loud.

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