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You Can Find Relief From Your Symptoms With an Allergist in Louisville, KY

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 50 million people in the United States suffer from nasal allergies. Allergy symptoms range from mild to severe and can sometimes greatly affect a person’s life and prevent them from enjoying certain activities they would like to participate in. When allergy symptoms affect a person’s daily life, it is important they visit the Allergist in Louisville KY.

When a patient sees the Allergist in Louisville KY, they will first talk about their symptoms and how those symptoms are affecting their life. The allergist will need to know when a person notices their symptoms are worse and what improves them. Testing is an important part of treating allergies because it helps the allergist to better understand what is causing the symptoms so the right treatment can be put in place.

Testing uses a scratch method that makes a minute scratch in the skin so the allergen can be applied. If a person is allergic to the allergen, they will begin to experience redness, swelling, and irritation at the site. The allergist will be able to determine if a person is allergic to the allergen by the measure of the reaction. Once the culprits have been established, the allergist will begin preparing the best form of treatment.

There are many forms of treatment available for allergy sufferers. Immunotherapy can help improve allergy symptoms by reducing the reaction a person has when they come in contact with an allergen. This form of treatment can take one to two years to fully help a person’s immune system protect them against reactions.

There are also nose sprays and oral medications that can provide relief. These contain antihistamines and steroids that help control the reaction of the body and reduce the effect of allergens. When treatment is carried out as directed by the doctor, allergy sufferers can live more comfortably.

If you are finding your allergies are controlling a big part of your life, now is the time to seek relief. Visit Drsmithallergy.com so you can learn more about the available treatments and how they can provide relief from your symptoms.