With No Fault in Oahu Therapy Sessions are Possible After an Auto Accident

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Health, Healthcare

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The events that surround even a minor car accident can be overwhelming. One-minute someone is driving down a street that they have known all of their life. The next moment another car slams into the rear end of the vehicle or side-swipes one of the doors. While it is a relief that everyone is able to get out of their autos in one piece, this does not mean that injuries have not occurred.

Often, the pain and discomfort that accompanies any type of car accident does not become noticeable until the next day or so. It may be a stiff neck that prevents sleep or an aching back that makes sitting and walking difficult. The best aspect of No Fault in Oahu auto insurance laws is that it allows both parties to claim necessary damages. Unlike several decades ago, insurance companies do not have to fight it out to see which one will pay a claim. Despite who may really be at fault, drivers and passengers can get the medical assistance they require.

The most beneficial thing for everyone involved in an auto accident is to see a physician to assess their injuries. Because there is No Fault in Oahu insurance laws on the books, many medical offices will hold onto these bills and then present them to one’s insurance carrier. All they want is for their patients to get well, without the added stress of having to pay their treatment bills.

This is very much the way the Portner Orthopedic center operates. Anyone who has suffered the effects of an automobile accident or personal injury is welcome to see their medical staff. Patients enjoy the fact that this treatment center offers a full range of non-invasive procedures. They are fully trained to offer such treatments as massage, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

Patients feel confident knowing that their insurance policies will never be charged for unnecessary therapies or appointments that they do not need. Everyone has a chance to recover and yet rejoin their daily lives, families, and career commitments. For more information and to learn about the many medical treatments they offer, visit the web pages of.


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