Why Starting Philadelphia Hair Removal During the Winter Is Beneficial

by | Mar 14, 2022 | Hair Removal

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The winter months are a good time for Philadelphia residents to think about laser hair removal treatments. If they start the process at the beginning of the year, they will be bathing suit and shorts ready by the time summer rolls around.

You should expect to get the full results of laser hair removal in Philadelphia treatments anywhere from three to four months after the initial treatment. You must consult with the cosmetic professional who you work with to ask about the number of treatments you will need. This is because your hair type and other factors will determine how quickly you will see results. While laser treatments have advanced and most people qualify as candidates, it is usually those who have light skin and dark hair that see the quickest and best results.

Even if you start your laser hair removal in Philadelphia at another time of the year, you don’t have to worry about dealing with unwanted hair in between sessions. When a laser is used to damage hair follicles, it is only the follicle that needs to be in place. This means that you should not pluck or wax hair in the weeks that lead up to your treatments. However, you will be able to shave.

You are likely to get permanent results with laser hair removal. Or you may only need a few touchup treatments in the years that follow the initial sessions.

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