Why Choose Senior Independent Living in Sandy, OR?

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Assisted Living

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Even though we tend to associate getting older with physical frailty, loss of social life, and a host of other issues, the fact is that many elderly people still retain many of their social connections and much of their health. Indeed, many elderly people are still able to drive and go on vacations! For these people, the thought of entering a care facility might seem strange, but the good news is that a senior independent living facility might actually be the best solution.

What Is Independent Living?

The fact of the matter is that many elderly people are healthy enough that they retain many of their social connections and they desire to live as independently as possible. In many cases, they are fiercely devoted to remaining in their own homes for fear of losing their sense of independence, but this may not always be the best solution. In these cases, senior independent living in Sandy, OR offers many benefits, including the following:

 * Health care: Even though many elderly people in this position may not require around-the-clock care and on site-care, it is still good to know that a senior independent living facility provides easy access to health care services.

 * Social programs: Being able to socialize with peers is one of the key concerns of many elderly people living in such facilities. The truth is that moving into an independent living facility actually provides access to many social programs and opportunities to socialize with others. In fact, many such facilities offer regular excursions, exercise programs, and organized activities in a central hall.

Choosing the Right Kind of Living Facility

It is not unusual for families to struggle with the notion of putting their loved ones into a care home. To make the process easier, Oasis Senior Advisors – East Portland have the experience necessary to help guide families through the difficult process of choosing the right kind of elderly care for their loved ones. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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