Why Choose our Medical Imaging in Minneapolis, MN?

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Health

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SumaMRI is a diagnostic imaging company specializing in medical imaging in Minneapolis MN. Our center is set apart from traditional MRI centers in that it offers reliable alternatives to the conventional closed method commonly associated with MRI practices in the medical field. There are many reasons clients prefer our methods including the following:

Diagnostics: Our technology offers a more precise way of identifying exact origin of symptoms occurring throughout the body. Because gravity is sometimes a contributing factor in many injuries, the traditional method of MRI technology oftentimes overlooks its contribution to the injury being assessed. Most MRI methods involve the patient being in a laying down position eliminating the effect of gravity and also, by association, eliminating the assessment of any weight bearing causation. With our product, patients have the ability to be scanned in the weight bearing position commonly associated with their pain which in turns yields more accurate and effective analytical results.

Comfort: One of the major complaints patients usually have with conventional technology is that they feel claustrophobic. Fortunately, our product offers a solution to curb this association. Our products are roomy and offer sit down and stand up capabilities with the openness not commonly associated with typical MRI products. As a result, patients are more relaxed during their evaluation and are able to endure the process much easier than through the more customary method of testing.

Reputation: Our radiologists are rated at the top in the field of medical imaging and take pride in ensuring that our product is yielding the results needed to accurately identify our patients’ problems and determine whether those problems directly correlate to the symptoms being evaluated. As a result, doctors are able more effectively identify and treat injuries and problems leading their patients to a more comfortable way of life.

Whether you are a patient looking for an exact cause of your suffering or pain or a physician seeking a reliable diagnostic imaging vendor, SumaMRI is the right place for you. We offer advanced technology set apart from conventional methods with the ability to provide our clients a better experience and outcome for their needs.

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