When Medical Care Can’t Wait: Walk-in Medical Clinic in New Braunfels, TX

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Health & Fitness

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Illnesses and injuries are not something that you can plan. You may wake up with a fever, or get hurt during your daily workout. It can be difficult to get an appointment at your regular doctor at the last minute. If you are extremely uncomfortable or need medicine right away, a walk-in clinic can save the day. These clinics offer appointments to anyone willing to come in and wait. Some are even open 24 hours. Medical treatment should not wait when you are ill or hurt, as things can get much worse.


It is not a good idea to wait for medical care. A fever can be dangerous if it gets too high. Pain from an injury could indicate a broken bone or torn ligament. It is much safer for you to go to the doctor and get a proper diagnosis. You may need medication to get an infection under control, as well. A walk-in medical clinic in New Braunfels, TX can ensure that you get the care you need. If you do not have a regular doctor, or the one you have is booked for the day, a walk-in medical clinic can help you remain safe.

Recovery and Documentation

A walk-in medical clinic can help you be on your way to a faster recovery. Many illnesses respond better to early treatment. If you are hurt and need to continue on to a specialist for broken bones, you can get a referral from the clinic. When you get help immediately, you are one step closer to a full recovery.

Many schools and workplaces require that you bring documentation of your illness when you return. If you have not been to the doctor, you may lose pay for the sick day. You may also lose credit for school assignments on those days. A visit to the clinic ensures that you can get a letter stating that you were ill on a designated day. Lonestar 24 HR ER can help you with these issues.

When you need to get help fast, you should choose a walk-in doctor’s office. You may spend less time waiting to be seen than you would trying to get an appointment at another doctor. It is much safer to be seen early for an illness, as things can easily get worse without proper treatment. You are more likely to recover quickly with proper care early on. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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