What Vaccinations Should My Dog Get?

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Animal Health

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Throughout the decades, veterinary science developed pet vaccinations that prevent your favorite animals from getting diseases such as rabies. When your dog gets vaccines, they get protected from some serious illnesses. Many diseases have turned from epidemics to less common occurrences over the years. Vets don’t just need more vaccines for dogs. They also need much better vaccines that provide more protection, are a lot more specific and allows your veterinarian to make recommendations regarding your pet vaccinations Chicago.

Not every Chicago dog and pup need every single vaccination that is available to them. Your dog has two types of vaccinations available to them: those for “core” diseases and those for “non-core” diseases.

Core Vaccinations

When your dog gets a core vaccination, that vaccination protects against diseases that are easily spread among the canine population. These types of diseases are not only difficult to treat but are also fatal most of the time. One of the core diseases – rabies – can get transmitted to humans with what can often be deadly results. In essence, the core diseases operate as the most severe and contagious for canines.

When your dog gets a core vaccination, they have long-term protection. This makes annual immunizations for these diseases unnecessary.

Non-Core Vaccinations

These vaccines protect your canine companion against non-core diseases. Not all dogs need all non-core vaccinations. Whether your dog should get these pet vaccinations Chicago will depend on your veterinarian’s assessment that looks at the prevalence of the disease in the local area. Because non-core vaccinations protect your dog for a shorter period of time than the core vaccinations, your dog will need to get these shots every year.

Do you have questions about what type of pet vaccinations Chicago your dog needs? Call or visit the website of Portage Park Animal Hospital & Dental Clinic. A member of our staff will set up an appointment with one of our veterinarians. There your dog can get the medical help they need for the year.

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