What Sort Of Things Do Chicago Veterinarians Specialize In?

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Animal Health

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While there are some more open areas around the edges of Chicagoland where people might own and keep larger animals like horses or even run small farms with livestock such as cows and sheep; the region is, basically (to quote the United Nations), an urban agglomeration. As such, the majority of animals within it will be in a city style environment and, as such, they are most likely to be small domesticated pet type animals – principally cats or dogs. Therefore, apart from those directly employed by zoos or research institutes; it follows that the main area of specialization for Chicago Veterinarians will be the care and welfare of cats and dogs. Even if they might be called upon to “do something” for a kid’s pet stick insect from time to time, such exotic work will be a rarity.

The Work Of A Small Animal Vet

Much of their work is somewhat routine dealing with giving immunization shots through spaying or neutering to the inevitable but sad time of ”putting the pet to sleep”. Animal anatomy is not dramatically different from human and both can fall foul of the some of the same diseases although other illnesses can be unique to a particular type of animal and the vet must have an intimate knowledge of how to diagnose and treat these.


This is a complaint that causes pain and discomfort to humans and animals alike. Chicago Veterinarians might choose to specialize in reducing if not curing this problem in both cats and dogs. As well as pain killing medicines; relief can now be found from the relatively new science of stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy

The thing about stem cells is their ability to divide and differentiate into other types of cell which might be needed in a different part of the body. Dormant or sleeping adult stem cells can be found in an animal’s fatty tissue and, through veterinary stem cell therapy, these can be “harvested”, woken up and re-injected into a different part of the animal. If injected into an arthritic joint; suitable stem cells become new cartilage cells to increase a pet’s mobility and reduce its pain. Injuries such as tendon damage and even broken bones will respond to similar treatment. Chicago Veterinarians are currently actively exploring new ways for pets to benefit from stem cell therapy. It should be noted that harvesting from and re-injecting into the same animal does not pose the ethical problems often associated with stem cell research in general.

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