What Is Four Hands Massage Therapy in Lynnwood?

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Massage Therapy and Bodywork

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Those who find themselves as fans of massage therapy enjoy the relaxation and stress relief that goes along with a treatment. The same can be said for the pain relief they often experience as the stress and tension escape the muscles during these treatments. Often, though, clients find themselves unable to give their body the full benefit of relaxing to the point of being able to experience all the benefits of therapy. This is why, in many cases, clients request four hands massage therapy in Lynnwood.

What to Expect

Four hands massage therapy in Lynnwood is when two massage therapists work on the same client at the same time. This allows the client to experience a totally unique session. Each therapist brings their own massage techniques to the client’s body. This allows the client to not only relax easier, but to feel the tension and pain in their bodies escape as the session proceeds. In many cases, the therapists purposely use different techniques that work in unison. Feeling the varying movements and pressures gives the client the opportunity to finally relax and gain the full benefits of their massage session.

Is Four Hands for You?

If you have issues relaxing during your massage session, you may be a candidate for four hands massage therapy in Lynnwood. For those who have a difficult time letting go of the worries of daily life, the feel of two sets of hands working the muscles of the body often gives the extra push needed to finally reach pure relaxation and enjoyment. In terms of aching muscles, a four hands massage is a great way of working out the pain and discomfort often felt throughout the body. An additional set of hands allows a more intense massage session, resulting in the ease you’ve been hoping for.

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