What Can You Expect When You Get Dentures in Bellevue, Wa?

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Dentist

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When you have no teeth, it can be impossible to eat and difficult to speak properly. To improve your life and your self-esteem, it is important to seek dental options in the form of Dentures in Bellevue, Wa. Dentures will allow you to eat again, without having to only eat soft foods. Many people are interested in having dentures, but do not fully understand the process for getting them. By understanding what to expect, you can be fully prepared when it comes time for you to get your dentures.

What Happens When You See the Dentist for Dentures in Bellevue, Wa?

At your dentures appointment, you will first be examined by the dentist. The dentist needs to be assured your gums are healthy because your dentures will rest on your gums at all times. If you have gum disease or infection, this could interfere with you being able to have dentures. Once the dentist has ruled out any problems with your gums, it will be time for you to have a mold made of your mouth. This mold will be used to create your pair of dentures, so they fit you well and do not slip and slide around in your mouth.

In most dental offices, the dentures are created on-site and are available later the same day. When it comes time for the dentist to place your dentures in your mouth, he or she will check to make sure they provide a good fit and feel comfortable in your mouth. If you have never had dentures before, it may take time for you to get used to wearing them. This can cause some discomfort, but you should not be in any pain. If you do experience pain, it is important you contact your dentist to have your gums checked.

If you are interested in getting dentures, inquire about Denture treatment at Ana Bella of Bellevue, Wa. Through Ana Bella Dentistry, you can have your new teeth put in, giving you the ability to enjoy all of the foods you have had to avoid. They will be glad to provide you with more information so you can make an informed choice on your dentures.

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