What Can Be Done For A Cataract In Cape Fort Myers FL

by | May 13, 2013 | Eye Care, Health

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One of the scariest things that you can experience as you age is the slow loss of your vision. For people who are used to being able to see, much of getting through life relies heavily on it. At this point, in fact, even basic socializing frequently occurs largely through things like text messaging and social media that are most easily used when you can see the screen of a computer or other device. If you are developing a cataract in Cape Fort Myers FL, though, there are very good treatments available that can help you to recover much of your sight.

Getting a cataract is a sign of metabolic changes taking place in your body. They affect the structures within the lens of your eye in a way that it can become clouded or opaque. While you are actually still perfectly able to see and interpret light in the rest of your eye, the problem with the lens prevents the light from coming through properly. It is a problem that gets worse over time. It tends to begin by giving people issues with night vision and glare, and progresses to interfering with the ability to see in general.

As things that can go wrong with your eyes go, however, this is one that can be effectively and safely treated. Surgery for a precision cataract involves removing the affected lens entirely and putting in a synthetic one that does not suffer from the same issues. The replacement is a fairly simple process, and can actually be done under local anesthetic. This means that you have a much shorter hospital stay and recovery period than would be required for general anesthetic, and also greatly limits the number of issues that can crop up as a result of the procedure.

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