What are the duties of a personal fitness trainer in Chicago?

by | May 16, 2013 | Health And Fitness

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A personal fitness trainer in Chicago is a person who is capable of providing safe instruction in exercise and physical training. The training will vary depending on the individual, their current state of physical fitness and body type. A fitness trainer often works in a gym but may be hired privately by an individual. Other fitness trainers may work in vacation resorts or corporate gyms as a benefit to employees.

To find a job as a personal fitness trainer in Chicago, the individual will most always need to be certified. Certification is needed regardless of the environment, either employed by a gym or self employed. There are a number of certification programs so the trainer should confirm with the gym he plans to work with what program is best. Some fitness trainers, once they complete the basics, will go on to specialize in a certain area of physical training such as body building.

On a day to day basis, the trainer will work with numerous people, all of whom are different and require different approaches to both the physical aspect, but also diet. Some people hire a personal fitness trainer because they want to trim down and lose weight, others may want to develop an exercise routine that can be considered as treatment for diabetes or high blood pressure and still others may be training for a specific sporting event such as a triathlon. The personal fitness trainer in Chicago will work with each person, teaching them, encouraging them and motivating them to learn the most effective and safe way for them to reach their goals. The trainer will also show the client techniques for monitoring heart rates so that the person knows when they have reached the optimum level of exertion.

Although many trainers work with people one-on-one, there are those who do group training. Training in aerobics and kick-boxing are two sports or exercise routines that can easily be taught in a group environment. As the trainer gathers more experiences and skills, the easier it will be for him to become recognized and become desirable as a trainer, thus driving up his earning potential. The personal fitness trainer in Chicago must not only have physical skills, he must have personality so that positive relationships with his clients are formed.

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