Want a Bigger Booty? Try Supplements and Creams!

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Health

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Do you want to have a bigger booty? Some people go to the extreme, opting for invasive, and potentially dangerous surgical options. Before you seek out a butt augmentation to enhance your shape, determine the risks and drawbacks associated with this. You may decide the non-invasive route is the best way to go.

Why Creams and Supplement Pills?

You may be asking yourself why you should choose creams and supplement pills or surgery, to enhance your shape. After all, surgery can transform you from a stick-figure to a curvy goddess in one day. Undoubtedly, surgery can achieve faster results than creams and pills, but is it truly worth it? There is much risk, danger and discomfort involved in surgery. Pills, however, require no recovery period or incision. All that they require is that you wait patiently for them to work.

So, how do these creams and pills help you have a bigger booty? There are three factors that go into shaping the perfect booty. The first is muscle growth. The second is fat storage. Finally, the third most important factor is the hormones you produce to facilitate proper fat storage.

The right creams and supplements can actually increase the muscle size and strength of your buttocks, and produce fat storage in that part of your body while removing fat from unwanted areas. Finally, they have the ability to increase estrogen production, which can facilitate the growth of the perfect curves.

The Dangers of Surgery

There are many dangers associated with butt enhancement surgery. For example, you have to ensure you thoroughly review the credentials of the doctor you select to determine if they are qualified for the surgery.

Anesthesia can also be dangerous for individuals who suffer from underlying respiratory and heart conditions. Another associated discomfort is known as post-operative pain. After you successfully receive your surgery, you will endure pain and discomfort for some time, and this will interrupt your daily schedule.

Generally speaking, the first 24 hours after your surgery will be excruciatingly painful. Furthermore, it may take several weeks to simply bend down and sit normally again. So, is this really worth it, or would you prefer to take a less invasive route?

Many people have to undergo liposuction and drainage to successfully conduct a fat transfer to their buttocks region, and this can be rather invasive.

Implants, on the contrary, are more invasive and may require a longer recovery process and more excruciating pain. In some cases, they appear deformed, even underneath clothes. Many people report feeling the implants when they bend or sit down. Furthermore, any type of visible deformity in that part of your body can greatly detract from your confidence as a person. Here is the best advice you can take. Get a bigger butt by purchasing Gluteboost products. 

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