Visiting an Emergency Clinic in Maui for Migraines

by | Jul 19, 2017 | Healthcare

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Headaches can ruin a person’s life. The pain folks may attribute to stress and fatigue may actually be headaches. Seeing an Emergency Clinic in Maui can help people determine what type of headaches these are and why they are present.

A very common disease

The definition of migraines tends to vary. The number of migraine sufferers increases daily. The figures are astounding since 17% of the world’s adult population is affected by this disease.

One of the most surprising elements revealed by numerous studies is that more than a quarter of the people affected do not identify themselves as “migraineurs”, although they have all the characteristics. In the US, 37 million people suffer from some sort of migraine, 2 -3 million of which are chronic.

How can sufferers distinguish migraines from simple headaches?

Migraines are well defined and its diagnosis requires the presence of the following signs:

1. Painful attacks of 4 to 72 hours between which the symptoms completely disappear

2. The pain is pulsatile, which means that one has the impression that it “beats” regularly to the rhythm of their heartbeat, and it predominates on one side of the skull

3. Light and noise increases pain, possibly accompanied by nausea and vomiting

If a person is suffering from these symptoms, do not hesitate to visit an Emergency Clinic in Maui. They will perform some tests and find a suitable treatment.

Special situations

Eight out of ten migraines occur in particular conditions: fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, and consumption of certain drinks or foods (chocolate, alcohol, etc.). The incriminating factors are many and they even change from one day to another. Migraineurs report, on average, at least four triggering factors.

Treatments exist … but are often ignored

Despite the existence of new specific medicines to relieve the symptoms of migraine attacks, many people continue to use traditional analgesic treatments, the effectiveness of which remains very uncertain. This kind of drug consumption, which is most often without medical advice, results in the successive taking of two or three different substances, which can lead to the persistence of chronic headaches.

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