Use Skin Calming Lotion to Ease Pain After Radiation

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Health

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Radiation can be hard on your body in many different ways. One of the ways radiation can be hurtful to your body is by making your skin uncomfortable and even painful. Radiation therapy can cause many skin problems that are very undesirable. Radiation not only kills the bad cells, but also kills good cells as well and skin can have a lot of problems as a result. Skin can become dry or peel and can sometimes become itchy. Some of the effects of on your skin from radiation may not be noticeable until months or even years after you have received your radiation treatment. Many doctors will prescribe skin calming lotion and ointments to help with your skin treatment after radiation.

It is best when applying the lotions and ointments the doctor prescribes for your skin not to rub too hard because this can further harm your skin. Apply the skin calming lotion with gentle pressure. If the lotions are too painful, you can try using wet packs. They are a little gentler on your skin and can help to ease pain as well and are a great way of helping during your skin treatment.

Another simple step you can take to help ease your skin irritation both before and after your radiation treatments is to wear comfortable clothing, cotton is the best choice. Also it is a good idea to take warm or even slightly cool showers and to avoid hot showers. Soaps that are heavily perfumed can be harsh on your skin after radiation so it is best to try to find a soap that is perfume free. Dove is a great alternative to heavily perfumed soaps.

Yet another great option for your skin treatment after radiation therapy can be to use cornstarch on the areas of your skin that tend to touch each other. Dusting the areas of your skin that touch on a daily basis with cornstarch or even powder will help reduce the friction created by the rubbing and therefore ease your pain somewhat. If you have redness that doesn’t go away easily you can also try aloe vera or hydrocortisone cream. You can get hydrocortisone by prescription from your doctor. Usually 1% hydrocortisone will help to alleviate the problem but if it doesn’t work well enough you can also get it in 2%.

If your skin develops any sort of blistering it is best to leave it alone. Do not try to pop the blisters as this can make your situation worse. Try to keep the blistery areas dry as much as possible and when you have to wash it, do so with warm water only. The blisters are there to help your skin heal underneath, so be careful when washing them.

Hopefully these will give you a few ideas of how to stay comfortable in your own skin after radiation treatments.

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