The Benefits of Premium Formula for Newborns

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Health

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As a new parent, it’s understandable that you are interested in finding the highest quality product on the market in terms of the formula you’ll be feeding to your child. When you step into the formula aisle in your local grocery store, Walmart, or drug store – you’ll find that you come face to face with a very wide array of brands that you may know nothing about. While each baby is different in its own special way, choosing a premium formula for newborns is generally a good way to ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need.

Breast Milk Nutrition
While we know that breast milk is full of important vitamins and minerals, there are plenty of reasons why a mother would choose to take an alternative route to feeding. Whether you’ve decided not to for personal reasons or you’re simply unable to breast feed, most premium formula for newborns contains similar vitamins and minerals that would be found in breast milk. These essential ingredients will assist with elements like brain and eye development, and they can ensure that your newborn is getting all of the nutrition he or she needs to grow up strong and healthy.

Immune Support
Another advantage to choosing premium formula for newborns over the other basic formulas is that there is often advanced immune system support worked into these products. By giving your baby a strong immune system, you’ll find that he or she will grow up less susceptible to illnesses and simply be healthier all around. During this first year, elements like this are incredibly important. Don’t allow yourself to look back and wish you’d have made better nutritional choices for your little one right off the bat.

Give It a Try
While these premium formulas provide a great number of benefits to newborns – they aren’t for every baby. Some babies have sensitive stomachs or need a bit of help keeping their food down. It’s important to remember that other formulas are available and they can often offer some, if not all, of the same benefits provided by premium formulas. By trying out a formula and seeing how your baby handles it, you should be able to gauge what brand and/or variety you need to be purchasing in the future. When you take the time to truly consider your baby’s formula inside and out – you’ll be making a choice that will benefit your little bundle of joy both now and in the future.

Baby formula for newborns contains adequate amounts of protein and amino acids that would help your baby grow and develop. Parent’s Choice formula for Newborns are available in a number of different varieties to suit every baby’s specific needs.

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