Understanding Podiatric Arthritis Treatments in Boone IA

by | May 5, 2020 | chiropractor

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Arthritis can affect joints throughout a patient’s body, but podiatrists tend to focus on arthritis treatments in Boone IA that target the big toe joint, known medically as Hallux limitus or Hallux rigidus depending on the extent of the patient’s stiffness. This condition can be extremely painful or it can be hardly noticeable unless patients are placing weight on their feet. It is, however, a degenerative condition and failing to address it can leave patients with structural deformities that can severely limit their mobility.

Diagnosing the Problem

Abnormal bone alignment in the big toe joint can leave some patients predisposed toward developing Hallux limitus. This prevents the big toe from moving normally, causing symptoms such as pain in the bottom of the big toe and difficulty moving the toe upward and leading to the development of arthritis. Arthritis of the big toe can be diagnosed using x-rays, though the effects of this condition tend not to be noticeable unless the condition has already progressed to a fairly serious state so many podiatrists also utilize physical exams and patient reports in diagnosing arthritis.

Treatment of Arthritis

There are several kinds of arthritis treatments in Boone IA that may be prescribed depending on the extent of the patient’s condition. Most podiatrists begin treatment using anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, and functional orthotics, which can actually slow the progression of the condition. However, if the patient’s condition is already quite severe, his or her podiatrist may also recommend surgery to remove bone spurs or even replace the damaged joint entirely.

Most patients must continue to wear functional orthotics after their surgeries have been completed. These are designed to improve joint function and mobility and resolve any lingering pain that may still be present after the surgical intervention has been completed.

Learn More Today

Are you interested in finding out more about Arthritis Treatments in Joliet IL? The first step for patients to take is to head to a dedicated specialist for an accurate diagnosis to determine the extent of joint damage and whether or not arthritis is, in fact, to blame for their pain and mobility difficulties. Ames Chiropractic & Wellness CTR, PLLC employs some of the area’s leading specialists in podiatric medicine and surgery, so give them a call today to set up an initial consultation to begin the process of getting help.

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