Understanding An Open MRI At The Diagnostic Imaging Center In Minneapolis MN

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Health

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An MRI is a machine that uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves to take pictures of the body similar to an x-ray or CT scan. Although similar, they are all different in accuracy. An MRI can detect things the other tests cannot like a stroke, tumor, or other injuries and diseases that may be too early or too small to detect on the other machines. The scanning process usually does take longer, about thirty to forty-five minutes, but in turn the doctor has better images to make a diagnosis.

Most people think of a long hollow tube when they first hear the word MRI due to claustrophobia, which is a fear of being closed in tight spaces. The person will then need sedation prior to getting in the machine. For some, their fear is so severe, they require anesthesia which can potentially cause health problems. As technology emerges in the medical field every year, they were able to make an open MRI. This permitted people that were afraid to go into the traditional MRI machine without being closed in. Although for some, they were still afraid and required sedation. Now at a Diagnostic Imaging Center Minneapolis MN, they have one of the few open MRI machines in the world that allows them to scan you in a lying, sitting, or standing position. This means better pictures because they can have you get into the position of where your pain is at and take pictures. It also means no medication is needed because it is open and they allow you to watch television as well to keep you busy.

The Diagnostic Imaging Center Minneapolis MN, like any other testing facility, will contact you prior to your scheduled test to ask a series of questions. Because an MRI uses a magnetic field to take pictures, you must not have metal inside your body. If you do have metal inside your body, you must let them and your doctor know right away. An MRI is not for everyone, but now at this testing facility, an MRI Minneapolis MN can at least help you overcome your fear of the machine with the new state of the art open MRI.



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