Kill Lice Safely and Efficiently with Lice Remedies Brooklyn

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Health

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Long Island is known for its beautiful residential areas, its beaches, and its convenient proximity to New York City. Unfortunately, this proximity can also have some unwanted side effects, particularly when it comes to contagion. Insect contamination problems such as bed bugs can spread like wildfire in the city where everything is spaced so close together and everyone is constantly rubbing shoulders, and heads. The latter is a problem when considering how quickly lice can spread; remember the days of elementary school when visits to the nurse for lice checkups and fellow kids being sent home to prevent lice spread were routine? Despite our best prevention efforts, contamination unavoidably and unfortunately happens. But with Lice treatment Brooklyn, you can rest assured knowing that you and your children will be safe.

Go Natural

The best way to go when considering Lice treatment Brooklyn is natural. Why? Natural remedies achieve the desired result (killing lice and their eggs) without all the added risk and variables of over the counter medications and prescription drugs, namely chemicals which can cause harm to or side effects within your body and skin irritation.

The most effective natural lice remedy is the LouseBuster treatment. The LouseBuster treatment is designed to kill lice and their eggs without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The treatment consists of the application of a controlled stream of heated air to the scalp and hair roots, where lice reside and lay their eggs.

The LouseBuster treatment is effective because it targets and kills lice at all stages of the lice life cycle by drying them out. Lice and their eggs cannot survive in a dry environment because they are incapable of retaining moisture. It has been proven in IRB sanctioned studies to have killed 95% of head lice and 99% of lice eggs in a single treatment. What’s more is that this single treatment is fast; it only takes up about 30 minutes of your time.

The only risk of the LouseBuster treatment is potential scalp burn, because of the high temperature at which the air must be applied. However, this risk can be avoided with certain safety features and by making sure that the treatment is administered by a Certified Operator. Certified Operators must have undergone training, passed examinations, and achieved certification in the LouseBuster treatment and are only thereby qualified to safely administer Lice Remedies Long Island.

Lice Tamers kills lice and their eggs with safe and effective natural Lice treatment Brooklyn. To learn more, please visit

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