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Understand the Specifics of a Dallas Surrogacy Before Signing a Contract

When parenthood is your ultimate dream, you might be ready to pay anything to make it happen. However, before you enter a contract for gay surrogacy in Dallas, you will need to know the specifics so that you can prepare accordingly.

The contract you sign will include details ranging from the price you will pay to what will happen if the baby has congenital defects. Your lawyer can review and play a role in the contract’s creation to protect the interests of you and your partner.

Financial Compensation

The woman who carries your child for you will expect to be financially compensated. Most gay surrogacy contracts provide compensation not only for her medical bills, but also for her time and effort in gestating and carrying your baby for you.

The price you ultimately end up paying out of your own pockets will depend on factors that your lawyer and her lawyer can work out together. You could be obligated to pay for all of the OB-GYN appointments, prescriptions, hospitalization bills and other medical care that the woman carrying your baby receives during the pregnancy.

Additionally, you will be expected to pay a flat fee to her for her services. The fee is paid separately from her medical bills.

Clauses for Birth Defects, Multiples and Other Circumstances

Many surrogacy contracts also include provisions for circumstances like birth defects or multiple fetuses that develop in the pregnancy. You and your partner have the option of stipulating what the surrogate must do during these possible events. Then she won’t legally be able to defy your wishes unless she is prepared to be sued for breach of contract.

You are encouraged to have your lawyer review and even help create the contract that you will sign with the surrogate. You can find out more about surrogacy and typical contracts for it by contacting Simple Surrogacy in Dallas online at .