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Tulsa OK Hearing Aids and How to Keep One From Falling Out

The Tulsa OK hearing professionals know that ideally you should be able to wear your hearing aid and forget about it. Unfortunately that is not always the case. Some hearing aids have a habit of falling out when you least expect it. For some people that don’t want anyone to know that they wear a hearing aid this can be embarrassing; not to mention the fact that you can’t hear if the hearing aid is in your lap. Below are some tips on how to keep your hearing aid in place instead of it falling out when you need it the most.

The first thing the Tulsa OK hearing aid professionals will tell you is to make sure that you are wearing your hearing aid in the right ear and putting it in properly. Make sure that the hearing aid is sitting snug within your ear canal, or if you are wearing it beind your ear that it is sitting the right way. The hearing aid should fit snugly in either case to keep it from falling out. If you can’t feel the hearing aid in place or if it hurts or feels uncomfortable then you need to take it out and try again.

Have someone check your hearing aid after you put it in to make sure that it is fitting snugly behind your outer ear and snugly in your ear canal as well. You can also look in the mirror to make sure it’s in place the way it should be.

The next step is to figure out why your hearing aid is falling out. The Tulsa OK hearing aid professionals can tell you that there are certain strenuous activities that will cause it to fall out. Your hearing aid may also be loosened during the day by chewing, talking and other activities as the day wears on.

Choosing a hearing aid is hard enough without having to worry about it falling out all of the time. You can also get the Tulsa OK hearing aid professionals to help you figure out why it is falling out as well. Your hearing aid should be an extension of you, not something you have to worry about falling out of your ear.