Three Common Sports Injuries Treated By an Orthopaedic Surgeon in Montrose

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Orthopedics

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Those who participate in any sport understand the dangers that come with it. Sports injuries are common among athletes, as games and events typically put a lot of strain and pressure on the body. Many of these injuries are minor but will nevertheless need to be treated by an Orthopaedic surgeon. An Orthopaedic Surgeon in Montrose treats three very common sports injuries.

Torn Ligaments

Both sprains and strains are main causes of torn ligaments. When a strain or sprain occur, they often end up stretching the tissues that connect bones to joints or muscles to bones. This creates a tear and severe pain. In order to repair a tear like that, an Orthopaedic surgeon is required. The surgeon will be able to perform a procedure that repairs the tear and allows the ligament to heal. With this type of injury, the player will be out of the game for some time.


Fractured bones are incredibly common injuries suffered when participating in sports. A kick, hard fall, or ball to the leg are all typical methods for getting a bone fractured. Whatever the reason may have been, the surgeon will need to take a look at just how severe the fracture is. For a small fracture, the bone can be set and healed in just a few short weeks. For a more severe fracture, it may take a little longer before the player is in their game again.


A dislocated shoulder is another recurrent injury in sports-related events. Whether a football player was tackled too hard, or a runner took a fall, a dislocation will need to be looked at by a specialist if it is too severe. With a simple dislocation and no additional tearing, the shoulder can simply be put back in place. If scans show that there is more damage done, surgery may be necessary.

An Orthopaedic Surgeon in Montrose handles sports injury cases on a frequent basis. With many different sporting types and lots of players participating, there are many sports-related injuries that occur. Anyone currently suffering from a sports-related injury and in need of a surgeon can visit for more information.

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