The unknown about substance abuse rehab can be frightening

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Health

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The first steps towards recovery from alcohol and substance abuse can be very frightening, it requires the addict to acknowledge the problem exists and commit to entering a recovery center in Oklahoma. Most women facing this will be worrying about what to expect, the want to know how rehab will change their lives. Even though the future will be far better than the present, it can be scary.

A recovery center in Oklahoma provides a structured environment where various programs that are aimed at those dealing with addiction can be implemented. Without rehab it will be extremely difficult for the addict to ever have a healthy, happy, productive and sober life again.

What takes place in a recovery center?

Those suffering from drug or alcohol dependency will find that once they enter a recovery center they will receive drug treatment that is tailored to their needs. This will involve detox, customized substance abuse therapy, relapse prevention counseling and aftercare; the entire program is geared towards attaining and maintaining long term sobriety.

  • Detox: In the initial stages of recovery the patient will detoxify. During this process, the body will cleanse itself from the influences of alcohol and drugs. This process is often painful; it can actually pose a threat to the individual’s health and mental state. Detox must be carried out under medical supervision.
  • Therapy: Once the patient has successfully detoxified the treatment continues with therapeutic intervention. Recovering addicts will be introduced to both individual therapy sessions as well as group sessions; both are geared to discovering that which is at the root of their addiction.
  • Aftercare: As the individual continues to progress with her recovery and the end of the treatment is in sight, staff at the recovery center in Oklahoma work closely with the patient to develop a plan for aftercare. Often these plans include support groups and continued therapy. Some recovering addicts might also suffer with other issues such as emotional eating, trauma etc.

Although there is no set time that is applicable to everyone, rehab can take anywhere from 30 days up to three months or more in a residential recovery center.

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