Choosing The Best Oxycodone Addiction Treatment For Success

by | Nov 23, 2016 | Health

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Oxycodone is just one of many narcotic prescription drugs that are regularly abused, though it is one of the most popular options. It is a semi-synthetic narcotic that works to reduce pain, and many who take it legitimately for pain continue using it recreationally and ultimately, abusing it. However, it is well-known and may choose to start taking it recreationally.

How Addiction Forms

Primarily, the drug works in your brain to change how you respond to and feel pain. Over time, your body will get used to the amount of the medicine in your system and will require more and more to reduce the phantom pains you feel. It is unlikely that you will need this drug for years upon years, though doctors do continue prescribing it.

Signs You’re Addicted

Oxycodone is highly habit-forming, which means you can become addicted quickly and easily. You may notice that you need higher doses to quell your pain. Likewise, you may find yourself switching doctors frequently when they start refusing to refill your prescriptions. You may also choose to take it over other drugs, like morphine and heroin or you panic when your prescription runs out or low.

Treatment Options

Addiction treatment for Oxycodone means that you have to realize you have a problem first. It can be extremely difficult to understand that your tolerance is something that isn’t normal. Once you do notice a problem, it’s best to choose a facility that specializes in this type of addiction.

Treatment programs are likely to focus on counseling and therapy after detoxification has occurred.

Detoxification can be hard because you will probably experience headaches, cramps, tremors, and nausea, as well as having your pain, whether imagined or real, return. Inpatient detox and treatment facilities will be able to help you get through these symptoms and move forward with your treatments. Click here for rehab center in florida.

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