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The Surprising Advantages Of Botox Injections In Chicago

Botox injections in Chicago are an excellent way to reduce overall wrinkles in the face. It uses a purified form of the botulinum toxin A, which means there is no risk of botulism when it is used correctly. It works by blocking any nerves that contract the muscles, which softens the wrinkles and makes them look less noticeable.

Which Wrinkles Are Treated

While all wrinkles can be treated with such an injection, it works best on those lines that haven’t set in yet. For example, if you look at yourself in a mirror and move your mouth into a frown, you’ll see frown lines. Those lines can ultimately be erased with Botox injections in Chicago. The goal here is to prevent the muscle from moving excessively, which causes the wrinkle.


Women who are breastfeeding, plan to become pregnant or are currently pregnant should discuss their options with their doctor before starting an injection therapy. Such a treatment can include side effects, such as bruising, headaches, pain at the injection site, and drooping eyelids/eyebrows. None of these side effects are considered extreme and will go away with a few days or months, depending on the effect you experience.


If you choose to consider such treatment, it’s best to stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen before your treatment. Taking such pain medications can make it likely that you’ll bruise at the injection site because these medicines increase bleeding and thin the blood. It’s also a good idea to tell your doctor what supplements you take, even if they are considered natural because some of these can thin the blood, too.

Getting Botox injections in Chicago are an excellent way to the youthful skin. Visit The Dr. Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery now to learn more.