The Basics of Stem Cells in Manhattan, KS

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Chiropractic

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Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that form in your body; the most common source of an adult cell is the bone marrow. There are two kinds of cells: embryonic and adult. Embryonic cells come from embryos, while adult cells are harvested from bone marrow. Since they are undifferentiated cells, they can become many different types of cells. Such differentiation allows them to treat many different disorders and maladies by injecting the cells and encouraging them to adapt into a relevant cell.


An injection is a common path for turning the cells into the types of cells you want them to be. It is a common use of stem cells in Manhattan, KS. For example, if you inject undifferentiated cells into the muscles of your arm, they are more likely to develop into muscle tissue cells. Such an injection will help your muscles grow faster and more effectively. At least, that’s the idea behind it.

There are over 70 confirmed treatments using undifferentiated cells, but their efficacy is not quite quantified. You can see many examples of these types of procedures at


The efficacy of injecting stem cells is not quite quantified since scientists are not completely sure how they work. They cannot control how embryonic cells differentiate into other cells yet, and they don’t fully understand why some adult cells become the proper cell and some don’t. Until they understand how such differentiation works, there will be some uncertainty around the use of undifferentiated cells.

Regardless of their quantifiable use, they have been very effective for many different people. A variety of people have had amazing success with undifferentiated cells treating their various maladies. They can be used to help heal from injuries faster or to boost your immunity to future maladies.

If you have a problem, it’s possible it could be treated with undifferentiated cells. You should consult an expert to find out. View website for more info about the basics of stem cells in Manhattan, KS.

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