The Most Widely Used Athletic Injuries Treatments In Joliet IL

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Health

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People of all ages engage in athletic events either out of enjoyment or as a competitor. Even when a person is careful when participating in physical activity, there is still a chance that they will become inured, and while more severe injuries may require surgical intervention, many may be remedied through the use of a variety of Athletic Injuries Treatments in Joliet IL. The following takes a look at those that occur most often and the various treatments that combat pain and encourage healing.

Stress Fractures

A stress fracture occurs when a bone is subjected to a substantial amount of weight or stress, and it will show up on an x-ray as a small, thin line running over the surface of the bone. The key to recovery is rest, and most doctors recommend applying ice to the damaged area for the first 48 hours to help combat swelling and discomfort. Severe fractures in the lower extremities may require the use of a cast to help stave off future problems.

Ankle Sprains

A sprained ankle is extremely painful, but fortunately, it is a relatively common issue that is easy to remedy. It usually occurs when a person is running or walking and rolls over their foot, steps off a curb, or into a small hole. The pain is often severe at first, and a physician will treat it by wrapping it in a supportive bandage and encourage the person to rest the ankle as much as possible for several days following the injury.

Turf Toe

As the name suggests, turf toe is diagnosed as a result of damage to the large toe on the foot as a result of playing a sport on artificial turf. This form of injury requires Athletic Injuries Treatments in Joliet IL that incorporate rest, and in extreme cases physical therapy. Though the person should be able to walk, they should not engage in any high-intensity training activities during the recovery period.

An injury is not only a source of pain but frustration. The team at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates offers a complete array of treatment options for athletes who have been injured on and off the field. Call today to learn more about the injuries they treat and take the first step in getting much-needed relief.

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