The First Step in Pet Ownership is a Visit to a Veterinarian In GA if You Live in the Atlanta Area

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Dentist

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Pet ownership enhances our lives. Studies have been done to show that sitting with a cat or dog, stroking their fur and talking to them, reduces blood pressure and heart rate. Taking a pet for a walk or going outside to play ball is fun exercise that can result in weight loss, lowered blood sugar levels and increase our happiness. Pets can also give us a sense of security and belonging. No one greets us at the door like our faithful companions.

Senior citizens benefit greatly from owning a pet. Older people sitting quietly while stroking their pets or even the act of feeding them, gives them someone to take care of. Pet ownership can give them responsibilities and thoughts for someone other than themselves. A normally sedate elder, can be encouraged to get up and move with the feeding, walking and “letting them out” responsibilities. Even daily grooming needs can give the person a purpose. Many nursing homes now have resident cats, birds and fish.

Young families may want to own a pet, to teach their children to be responsible. The act of buying a pet, doing research on the perfect pet and then ownership responsibilities help young children learn how to make responsible decisions. Being a part of taking the pet to a Veterinarian In GA for well checkups and annual shots, tags and medications helps them to understand it’s about more than feeding and cleaning up after a pet.

The health benefits of pet ownership have been studied extensively. Doctors have seen patients blood pressures and blood sugar levels drop when the patient interacts with a pet. The act of sitting quietly with an animal while petting them and talking quietly settles the body, and reacts very similarity to meditation. Serotonin (the happiness hormone) levels rise when we are greeted with enthusiasm at the door. Playing fetch, Frisbee or soccer, teasing a cat with toys all bring smiles and happiness. Pet interactions enhance our lives.

Pets fill our lives with blessings, happiness and better health. When selecting a pet for yourself or family you might want to consult with a Veterinarian In GA to assist you in finding the best fit. Being responsible for someone else can make us very happy. Pet ownership has many hidden benefits. It’s time to go out and discover the world of pet ownership. Click here for more information.


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