Maintaining Your Independence with Electrical Scooters in Baltimore

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Health

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Elderly adult independence is more achievable today than ever before, thanks to technology. Before electric scooters and stair lifts, it was common practice for the elderly to give up on independent life and either move in with family or into a nursing home. Now that these technologies exist, their owners have a second chance at life and independence. Don’t give in to weakened joints and lack of energy; stay mobile with these tools in your arsenal:

Mobility Scooter (Electric Scooter)

These are motorized, battery-operated scooters that allow for in-house as well as out-of-house mobility. There are many different styles of electrical scooters in Baltimore to choose from as well as accessories for them. Your choice in scooter depends on the activities you plan to engage in while using the scooter: some scooters are designed for indoor use, others for outdoor use, some are more compact than others, and other factors. You also will have to consider the body style when picking the perfect mobility scooter. The 3-wheel scooters offer more mobility and a better turning radius in narrow areas, such as inside your home, though the 4-wheel scooters are generally considered more comfortable and provide a smoother ride despite their larger size and turning radius. There are even heavy-duty scooters to accommodate larger individuals.

Stair Lifts

A stair lift allows you to access all of your home once walking up and down stairs has become too difficult or impossible. It can also save you a great amount of money should you choose to invest in a stair lift instead of buying a single story house to reconcile with your limitations. There are multiple options of stair lifts to choose from to accommodate your lifestyle, as well: straight stair lifts for straight staircases, curved lifts for curved staircases, and even outdoor stair lifts for those who need them. There are important safety options to consider that differ from brand to brand, making your stair lift even more personalized to your life.

Wheel chairs are a much cheaper alternative to mobility scooters, though they require more physical effort. They are more compact than Electrical Scooters in Baltimore and can fit in smaller places, though they do not allow much “mobility” in the sense that all movement is physically propelled; you can only go where your body can physically handle taking you. While the wheel chair allows mobility, it doesn’t allow for going outside of your own physical abilities like mobility scooters do.

There are many different styles of electrical scooters in Baltimore to choose from as well as accessories for them.


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