The Complex and Unique Decision to Get Back Surgery in Monroe NJ

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Health

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Anyone who has ever suffered from back pain will describe it as a pain like no other. Because the back lends support to the whole body, when it is in hot, searing pain, the sufferer can do nothing else but stay in the position he or she is in, supine or prone. People with back issues try various remedies, natural medicines, hot treatments, and cold treatments. None of these seem to be effective. At last, the sufferer is left with the choice of back surgery. A doctor who performs Back Surgery Monroe NJ recognizes that each individual comes to the back surgery option with a complex and unique set of circumstances. Treatment must be addressed as such.

Back surgery is not an easy decision, but by the time the sufferer has considered this option, there is usually nothing else left, anyway. Nonetheless, the potential patient for back surgery needs to be aware of the risks and benefits of the surgery, that the choice may be an intelligent one. In looking at the risks, it is fair to say that most people who opt for the surgery have no complications during or post surgery. However, the possibility of risks do exist and cannot be ruled out. An individual could suffer from a reaction to the anesthesia (or any other drugs involved in the process). There could be much bleeding, infections, blood clots, heart attack or stroke. Click here for more details.

There are benefits of the surgery to consider also. The key thing to understand, though, is that back surgery does not remove all pain; it just lessens it to a bearable degree. The benefits of less pain are increased range of movement, less dependency on pain medications and the possibility of returning to work. There are more risks and benefits associated with back surgery. Talking to the surgeon who will perform the surgery and discussing your options is the principal thing.

At the University Pain Medicine Center, with three locations in Monroe, New Jersey, South Plainfield, New Jersey and Somerset, New Jersey, they offer back surgery solutions, providing patients with the latest and most comprehensive in pain treatment procedures. They ensure that each patient will receive therapeutic treatment tailored for him or her. If you would like to consult the pain center for Back Surgery Monroe NJ, visit their website,



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