The Benefits of Having Dogs and Cats Spayed and Neutered

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Animal Health

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Most people want for their pets to be as healthy as possible. People actually feel like their pet is a part of the family. So, naturally they want to take the best care of them. Pet owners spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year to ensure that their pet has a great life and stay in the best shape possible. Pet owners should also be aware of the importance of getting their dog or cat spayed or neutered if they are not wanting them to reproduce. In fact, they should get it done as soon as possible. If someone tries to remember to do it at another time on most occasions it does not get done.

Some pet owners think that their pet will be in a great deal of pain but this is untrue. Pets are put under anesthesia before they go through the process. Before someone decides to have their pet spayed or neutered they should be sure that they are going to a licensed veterinarian. The process happens quickly and all pets should have it done.

Many people have made the choice to Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ because the human society recommends it so often. By doing this there are far less pets living on the streets. When pets live on the streets they are often picked up and euthanized; which is very unfortunate. There are health benefits for pets as well. For instance, male pets can not get testicular cancer if they are neutered.

Pet owners should find a veterinarian that they trust to do the surgery. Although it is a simple surgery, things can go wrong if people are not trained. So it is great to go to a veterinarian who has experience and is licensed. Most veterinarians believe that the best time to get a dog “fixed” is after six months.

If a person wants their pets to live a long, healthy life they should be spayed or neutered. This helps the pet grow stronger and not be as aggressive. They also do not wander off as much once this has been taken care of.



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