The Benefits of Chinese Medicine for your Wellbeing and Health

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Health

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Chinese Medicine clinics in Vancouver area offer can address both current conditions as well as aid in the prevention of more serious illness. Chinese medicine uses techniques designed to provide preventative measures for long term health. In turn this approach will help overcome long term chronic health conditions from which you are currently suffering while preventing the development of other health problems.

Chinese medicine uses a number of treatments including herbal remedies and medical procedures such as acupuncture. Herbal treatments use a natural approach that is difficult to simulate with synthetic medications that often come with side effects. Chinese medicine also looks at teaching the body to heal itself. The Chinese traditionalists believe that we all have the ability to manage our health and heal our bodies as long as we can harmonize our mind, spirit and bodies.

Disease prevention is becoming the accepted approach to staying healthy. By pursuing a healthy lifestyle your body is better able to stave off illness. Chinese medicine provides you with the treatments you need to keep your system remain balanced in perfect harmony by looking at the whole body and addressing what is at the cause of symptoms as opposed to just prescribing medication to alleviate symptoms.

The most difficult concept of Chinese medicine for the Western world to embrace is that our bodies hold a vital energy force referred to as qi or chi. This force flows through the body but can encounter blockages that lead to illness. Chinese medicine such as acupuncture focuses on removing stagnations that can stop the flow of qi. Meridians in the body correspond with major organs in the body and can be treated with the use of acupuncture as well as herbal medications. Some of Chinese medicines and treatments that are becoming more accepted as effective methods include:

  1. Acupuncture and acupressure

  2. Reiki

  3. Massage Therapy

  4. Proper diet including whole food diets

  5. Herbal remedies

Conditions that can be treated using chinese medicine clinics in Vancouver offer include:

  1. Women’s health issues

  2. Menopause

  3. Digestive health

  4. Pain management

  5. Infertility

  6. Thyroid issues

  7. Geriatrics

  8. Men’s health issues

  9. Multiple Sclerosis

  10. Skin care

  11. Cancer

  12. Mental health

  13. Children’s health

If you have found you have suffered from chronic health issues that do not seem to be alleviated by modern medicine, the Chinese medicine Vancouver can do a complete analysis of your symptoms and discover what is causing them. They can then recommend treatments, diet changes and other treatments to help you begin to feel better.

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