Surprising Services Offered By Chicago Animal Hospitals And Their Benefits To Your Pet

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Animal Health

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Once upon a time, animal hospitals only offered short term and, in some cases, emergency veterinary care to pets and other small animals. Procedures such as spaying, neutering, and treating illnesses are still commonly offered, but now there are a wide range of ancillary services available. These services are designed to help your pet remain pain free and in the best possible health. In the unfortunate event that your furry friend is ill, there are procedures available to help him or her remain comfortable and to heal faster, in some cases without surgical intervention. Here are a few surprising services offered by Chicago animal hospitals and their benefits to your pet.


Acupuncture is commonly hailed as being one of the oldest forms of medical treatment, and it still remains just as effective today as it was then. Humans have benefited from acupuncture treatments for nearly three thousand years, but it is only now emerging as a valid treatment for animals as well. Pets with a variety of diseases from cancer to nervous system disorders to musculoskeletal troubles may find that their symptoms are relieved through acupuncture.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is often used to manage pain and reduce inflammation, while promoting healthy tissue growth. It is a great way to help relieve any pain your pet feels without surgical intervention or resorting to expensive medications with unpleasant side effects. Studies have shown that this type of treatment relieves pain faster than traditional medications, without any side effects. It’s ideal for pets who have suffered from injuries, arthritis, or who have cancer.

Nutritional Consultation

One way you can help your pet live a long and healthy life is to discuss his or her diet with a qualified nutritional consultant. Some animal hospitals have individuals on staff who can discuss your pet’s nutritional intake with you, and help you develop a diet for your pet geared toward their lifestyle. This helps to ensure they are receiving all the nutrients they need to maintain optimal health.

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