Sinusitis An Allergy-Related Sinus Problem

by | May 30, 2014 | Allergies, Healthcare

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When winter comes along, most sinus sufferers breathe a sigh of relief. Actually, they can really begin to breathe normally during this time of year. Sinus problems typically attack in the spring as well as late summer and even early fall. As those who suffer sinus problems in Louisville, KY can assure you, they hit hardest when the air is drive and the humidity is low. This coincides with the pollination of different plants including blooming flowers, trees and pesky weeds. All can cause send people off searching for treatment for sinus problems at Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center.

What Are Sinuses?

In order to understand how the sinuses and allergens interact, you need to know a bit about this body part. The sinuses are found within the skull. They are best described as membrane lined hollow spaces which open above and behind the nose. This allows the exchange of both mucus and air.

If a substance, injury, infection or other material acts to block the sinuses. The nasal passages become congested. The results include in pressure being exerted in the head and around the face. An allergic reaction to pollen, dust mites or other allergens may create sinus problems.

Typical Sinus Problems

If you suffer from sinus problems, chances are they will fall into one of several different types. The most common is a sinus infection. This is divided into 4 basic types. Each is based upon the specific sinus infected or affected. The four types are:

1. Ethmoid sinusitis: Pain often occurs back of the nose-bridge and between the eyes.

2. Frontal sinusitis: Pain may occur above the eyes and be felt in the area of the eyebrows.

3. Maxillary sinusitis: Usually indicated by pain in the cheek area.

4. Sphenoid sinusitis: The region most commonly affected is the upper regions of the nose.

In addition to this type of typology, it is common to classify inflammation of the sinuses according to severity and/or duration. Under this method, sinus problems
are considered as one of two types:

1. Acute: The symptoms do not last quite a month.

2. Chronic: the symptoms last for more than a month – usually about 12 weeks even when treated

If you are suffering from sinus problems in Louisville, KY, consider your options carefully. Treatment for Sinus Problems At Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center In Louisville is one positive method of handling the situation. Drop in and talk to the experts to learn more about causes and treatment options. This will help make breathing a relief and not a painful experience.

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