Lift Chairs in Minnesota And Why They’re Needed

by | May 23, 2014 | Healthcare

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The freedom to move and stay mobile is something that many people have lost. Millions of people throughout the United States suffer with mobility issues. Those with mobility issues may suffer with everything from back problems to complications in their knees. There are many tools and devices out there to help those with these problems, and Lift Chairs in Minnesota are just a few of them. Let’s take a look at lift chairs and the benefits they can provide.

Lift chairs are mainly used for those who have a difficult time getting in and out of chairs. This may not seem like much of a problem to you, but to may people getting in and out of a chair is a huge hassle. Those who have this problem find it extremely difficult to simply get up to answer the door, or even get up to go to the bathroom. Often times the ones who have this problem the most are the elderly. The elderly typically don’t have the necessary muscle strength needed to lift themselves up after sitting down for long periods of time.

Lift Chairs in Minnesota come in a variety of models and color. Most don’t realize how normal the chairs look and feel compared to regular recliners. The main difference between regular recliners and lift chairs is the electric motor that’s included with the lift chair. Lift chairs also come with remote controls available for the user. Both of these features allow the chair to raise the occupant up from a sitting position to a standing position. When the chair is activated by the occupant, using the remote control, the electric motor gently tilts and raises the chair to allow the occupant to stand up with little to no pain.

There are several different models available. Each model has a certain amount of positions it’s able to put the occupant in. For instance, a two-position lift chair allows the occupant to recline and also lift themselves up to a 45 degree angle. On the other hand, three-position lift chairs allow occupants to recline to almost 180 degrees, and also lifts them up at 45 degree angle.

As you can see lift chairs can be very useful. They look and feel just like real chairs, and are able to help those with mobility issues. 4 Day Medical Store to see how you can get your very own.


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