Signs You May Need Treatment for Excessive Alcohol Use

by | May 2, 2019 | Psychotherapist

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In Jacksonville Fl, many people don’t recognize the signs of problem drinking until it is almost too late. You may need treatment if you exhibit some of the following signs and symptoms.

Drinking in Secret

Drinking alone is not necessarily a sign of alcohol abuse but drinking in secret often is. If you routinely feel the need to conceal your alcohol consumption, you may require some help. For instance, if at a gathering of friends you drink with those who are there but then sneak off to have more drinks, that could be a sign of problem drinking. This means you feel there is something to hide about your consumption of alcohol, but you are still driven to drink enough to manufacture a way to get it into your system.

A Dependency on Alcohol

Depending on alcohol often starts with drinking to help forget about problems. If your use of alcohol has gone up over a period time and if you have withdrawal symptoms in the form of shakes: you may be dependent on alcohol. If your problem doesn’t go away, neither will the bottle. Eventually, a habit forms, and that can become an addiction. If you find yourself in these situations, you may need therapy for alcohol abuse.

Using Alcohol to Control Your Mood

If you feel you are not able to “be yourself” unless you have alcohol in your system, you require alcohol abuse therapy. You are, in effect, making alcohol an essential part of who you are as a person. This is a chemical dependency, and you may need to take serious steps to stem its serious progress. Even your family and friends may encourage you to drink because they like who you are when you drink more. Ultimately, this should not stop you from seeking help.

If you are seeking help for alcohol abuse, you can get help in Jacksonville Fl. The qualified staff at Ketamine Therapeutics can use ketamine therapy to help you either use alcohol responsibly or discontinue its use altogether. They can be reached online at the website.

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