Signs That Assisted Living Services Could Be Good for Your Loved One

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Assisted Living

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The life expectancy of people across the world is largely increasing, including here in the United States. This means that, on average, Americans will spend a greater portion of their lives in retirement as seniors. Many Americans in their golden years are provided with assisted living services paid by the government or their family members. As our family members age, they may need someone taking care of them day in, day out, and around the clock. Here are a few signs that your loved one might need assisted living services.

Their House is Messier Than Usual

Most older folks take good care of their living spaces, regularly keeping them clean. If your loved one has traditionally kept his or her living quarters clean but it’s become much messier than ever before over the past few weeks or months, it might be time to seek out elderly care in Palm Coast, FL. The reason why a decline in home cleanliness is a sign of deteriorating health is that your loved one probably wants to clean up but isn’t physically able to.

Have They Regularly Gardened in Previous Years?

Just like cleaning, many people in retirement enjoy gardening or otherwise tending to their yards. If your loved one used to garden regularly but has recently allowed the yard to become out of order, elderly care in Palm Coast, FL, could be an ideal solution.

See Any Bruises or Injuries?

Assisted living service providers keep elderly people from falling or bumping into things. They also help prevent injuries. Finding evidence of recent injuries on your loved one’s body could mean that your loved one can’t get around easily anymore.

Trust Only the Best Assisted Living Service Providers

We want to help your loved ones live up to their fullest potential throughout their golden years. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help at Market Street Residence. To know more about the services, visit the website.

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