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Signs It’s Time to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in Minneapolis

Substance abuse is a common phenomenon in the USA. As such, there are treatments that can help those with problems overcome their addictions. The first step in any treatment is recognition of the problem. Listed below are some signs that it may be time to seek substance abuse treatment in Minneapolis.

Lying About Use

One tell-tale sign of the need for treatment is the lie. Many lies are told by those suffering from addiction. One of the most telling lies is when one lies about their consumption. Often, people struggling with addiction will claim to have consumed less than they actually have. Or, they’ll claim to not have taken any substances at all, when in fact they have.

Higher Tolerance

When someone’s addicted to something, they will continue to consume it and will notice as their tolerance levels go up. When this occurs, the person has no other choice than to increase their consumption in order to attain the same effect from the substance.

Failing Work Performance

Most addictions do not contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. Every area of an addicted person’s life eventually gets impacted, especially work. Failing work performance, tardiness, and missed days are common occurrences for people struggling with addiction.

Strained Relationships

Being addicted to a substance often causes strained relationships. The most important thing in an addicted person’s mind is their particular substance of choice. Friends and family of this person usually feel ignored and brushed aside as they watch the substance take preeminence.

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