How Physician Assistants Increase Safety and Efficiency in Surgery

by | Feb 9, 2022 | Health

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Physician assistants (PAs) are the first point of contact for surgical patients and they play a crucial role in ensuring that all surgeries go smoothly. They provide support to the surgeon and help with patient care.

The PA may assist with surgery by preparing the patient for surgery, administering anesthesia, and assisting during surgery. One essential procedure of a PA includes surgical closures.

The Key Components of Surgical Closure

In the United States, sutures are typically used for wound closure. A surgical closure is a procedure where the PA is required to make incisions in order to get access to the tissue which needs to be closed.

The key components of this procedure are:

  • PA makes an incision to gain access to the tissue that needs closure
  • Sutures are then used for wound closure
  • The suture material can either be absorbable or nonabsorbable

Components of Safe Surgical Closures

  1. Preparation: Prepare all the necessary instruments and equipment beforehand.
  2. Safety: Physician Assistant safety is always a top priority when performing any procedure. This includes wearing gloves and using sterilized instruments.
  3. Communication: Communicating properly with team members during a procedure to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

PA’s prepare for surgery by assisting with pre-operative preparation, positioning the patient, and sterilizing equipment. PAs have a duty to promote physician assistant safety in the operating room by monitoring patients’ vital signs during surgery as well.

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