Seeing Your Local Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC for Bad Breath Issues

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Dentist

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Halitosis, or bad breath, is not only a social impacted issue. It proves to be dangerous to the health of teeth, and even for your general health. Your local Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC will explain how important daily oral hygiene is. It is this simple routine that can make or break your social and professional life. It can also save your gums and teeth from utter disaster.

Halitosis and receding gums

Studies show that the volatile compounds and gases responsible for bad breath have a destructive effect on the tissues exposed to them. Hydrogen sulphide (SH2) is one of those gases and it is found to be the property behind the death of periodontal cells by apoptosis, otherwise known as cell destruction. It also accelerates the proliferation of destructive bone cells. These are cells involved in bone remodeling, in which, among other things, orthodontic movement is balanced with the action of cells. A vicious circle then snaps, causing bad breath. Regular visits to your General Dentist, combined with good oral hygiene, can alleviate this issue.

Bad breath and pulpitis

Hydrogen sulfide that is released is also harmful to pulp cells. Every Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC will tell you that hydrogen sulfide deeply affects the metabolism of mitochondrial membranes of tooth pulp cells, causing cell death by apoptosis. Located in a cavity at the center of the tooth, the pulp (or nerve) is not isolated from the outside because exchanges occur continuously across dentin, porous tissue, and enamel. This comprises selective membranes. Hydrogen sulphide enters the diffuse and hard tissues of the tooth, affecting its vitality. This could explain the appearance of pulpitis, or acute inflammation, of the nerve of the tooth. This is otherwise known as a toothache. Note that tobacco has a deleterious effect on pulp, as well. If you have pulpitis, the removal of the nerve is the only solution.

Dangers of bad breath

People that are suffering from halitosis might lose their teeth, either by loosening or decay. In fact, they also are at risk of declining overall health. Indeed, some compunds are responsible for bad breath (putrescine, cadaverine). These compounds have the ability to bind to remote organs, where they can also induce tumors.

If you are suffering from bad breath, it is best to schedule a visit with your local Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC. He or she will discuss the possible treatment scenarios available to you.

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